Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Cones and Brownies

Today Madison started Girl Scouts, she is a brownie! She loved it! They meet 2 Tuesdays a month. Soon they are going on a trip to the pumpkin patch and during Christmas they go caroling. I think it is great what they teach the girls and how to help in their community, so I am really excited for her. There are 26 girls in her troop. She knows a hand full of them from her class, I also trying to talk her cousin (Julia) into joining, I think they would have so much fun together.

Marley got neutered and had his dew claws removed last Tuesday. We went back into the vet on Saturday to get his bandages re rapped, he had a stitch come out so they had to out a staple in his foot. I had to go back in again today, the staple had come out again, so once again he got another staple. They asked me if he was active. Ummm he is a 13 week old puppy... what do you think! So his is rather bummed theat he has to wear the cone for another 5 whole days. I am almost as bummed as him, he is constantly running into the back of your legs, he can't go for walks easily, and he can not hear a thing unless you speak into the cone. I could go on. So here is the pathetic pup with the cone. He is now referred to as "cone head". Poor boy.Please see the post below for pictures of our Atlanta trip!! I know 2 post in one day!

Our Trip to Atlanta

John and me at the wedding... ahhh love.
Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE dragon flies.... if not I will write a post later on why.

The Gang right before the wedding!
The wedding was at the Botanic Gardens- Beautiful, had to take some flower pics!

Jeff and Amy -
Our view of down town Atlanta from the hotel- see the rainbow in the background.
The guys all went golfing for a n afternoon while the girls went to the mall. When we picked them up they were all drowned rats, it poured on them!!!
Geoff and his girlfriend Leah-
The "dude" Brent and Kristina
John and me...

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Monday, September 17, 2007

A Welcoming

So yesterday we got back from Atlanta. We left on Thursday morning. We had a College friend out there that was getting married. We had 3 other couples that came there for the wedding too! We all stayed at the Residence Inn Marriott downtown Atlanta. We had a blast, the kids stayed at my moms house from Wednesday night to Sunday! When we got home last night we were exhausted!!! We both came back with a cold. We ordered some pizza and put the kids in bed early and we were getting ready to follow shortly after. John was on the couch watching football and I was in the bath, all of a sudden I hear John screaming, "did you just pee Tyson?" Then before I know it the whole family is in the bathroom- Tyson Peed from the upstairs on to Johns head!!! Can you believe it! He kept denying it . Smart kid. He said his humidifier leaked through the ceiling. John was so upset that Tyson peed on him. The kid has incredible aim to shoot and hit him in the head! Still to day he will not admit he peed on his head.... so hard to keep a straight face about this one!

I will post some pictures of Atlanta soon!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Grandparents Tea

Madison had Grandparents day on Wednesday last week- they were learning about their family. Where they come from, how everyone is related and also how times have changes from then to now. She had to do a family tree project. Each of the grandparents got a flower, they recited poems and had some drinks and snacks with the grandparents. The kids did great and the grandparents were all so proud. I am a room parent for Madison's class and helped plan the event, so much fun! Here are some pictures of the event! Happy Grandparents day Sept. 9th!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Where to begin

I can not believe it has almost been 3 weeks since my last post!!! I think that this summer is finally winding down?! I hope, I am ready for a little bordem!! Well 2 weeks ago we went to the hills with my sister Wendy and her 3 kids and did some good old mutin bustin! That was so much fun! Love to see the kids try new things and not be scared of new adventures! See the slew of pictures below from the fun weekend. Yes Tyson did do some mutin, I am still shocked to this day that he did it! (He actually did better than Madison!) Wendy and me and the 6 kids went for a hike, we repelled doen a water fall with all 6 kids one by one. We both were so proud of the kids and how they all went with the flow and were so adventurous! We lost the pics. It was all Wendy's fault. JK. She transfered them to the file and hit yes to replace them. Does any one know how to get them back? We took them to a store and they wanted 100$. WHAT?? I hope we can get them recovered they are so precious!

Last weekend weekend this we went up camping for I believe the last hurray. It was a bit chilly in the evening and the morning! Well we picked up Madison from School on Thursday and went up to the hills. As soon as we got everything all set up and put where we wanted it Madison tells me she was hot and cold all day at school. Yep she had a fever which she still has today. So i called the doctors office this morning and made her an appointment. She has pneumonia! So she is on some antibiotic and is on Neb treatments every 4 hours. I really hope she feels better soon. She does not get sick like this often. Little things here and there but not like this. She is not much of a complainer so for her to let me know that she is not feeling good, she is not feeling good.

Off and on this weekend we worked on a school project- she needed to complete a family tree. ( More of a mom project than a 6 year old! She is having a grandparents tea tomorrow at school, it is from 3:15 to 4:00. She will not be going to school tomorrow, BUT if she is fever free and feels up to it I will let her go to the tea. Is that bad? Should I get e face mask to have her wear? They said it was bacterial?

Let me tell you- I have been trying to put the bots to bed for an hour!! They will not sleep! They share a room so it is like double trouble every night! ERRRRRRRRR. Gotta go and scream some more!