Friday, October 12, 2007

I am the MOM!

Well if this does not sum up my week I don't know what does! This is great. Please take the 2 minutes to watch! Saw this and had to share it with all you moms!

I am the mom!!!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Well I am getting a taste of my sister not being close to me and I am not liking it at all! I am bored and I miss our daily talks on the phone of about 10 times. ( for real). I have no idea what I am going to do in May when she does have to leave for good! My bro in law better pick up ALOT of shifts so he can fly her out here at least once a month! Really I am starting to freak out here, I will have nothing and no one to do anything with!!! Alright I am going to stop thinking about it. I hope she is having fun though...... brat!

Well this weekend it was me and the kids. John went golfing at this golf course 3 hours away. He was invited to golf for free at a new private course. An offer not to refuse. It would of been more fun had it not been for the 50 mph winds. Me and the kids hung out during the day, cleaning and doing laundry. Then we went to my moms house for dinner. My step grandma was visiting from out of town and my step brother just had a baby a month ago so we all got to meet him. I got a baby fix! Then Johns mom came over and we rented a nd watched the movie "The Ultimate Gift". The movie is great I highly recommend that you go and rent it!!! That was the second time I watched it and I loved it. GO GET IT! She spent the night and we woke up and went putzin around town. It was great to spend the day with her! We used to live close to each other and spend so much time together. Now with our schedules we do not do that as much so it was a real treat for the both of us!
This week is really busy with work. I have meeting everyday which always makes the week go by really fast. I am digging the cool off! I must say I am ready for fall. I love this time of year, the smell the color all except the illnesses that come with it! Hope you all stay healthy!! Talk soon.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Life is good, things are going as you want them to be. You are going through life and all of a sudden you are stopped dead in your tracks. Your breath is taken away. This has just happened to me. Sunday the 23rd of September a dear friend of mine past away. It is just such a crazy thought that one day some one is here and the next day their not and never will be. You just never know when you say good bye to some one that it may be the last time you every talk to them.
It is just hard, he was one of my few good friends. I work out of the home and I am busy with the kids, I do not meet very many people. I have several great acquaintance's and my best friends are my family. But there is something to be said for the best friends you have outside the family who you get you, support you and are there for you. This was him.... T.K. Life goes on and you have great memories, it's just hard. My Tribute to Tom-
October 2, 2007
Heaven must have needed a special angel cause they now have you.

I can not tell you how many times I have attempted to sign the guest book for my dear friend T.K. Signing this to me seems so final. I have learned so much from him. To never be afraid to follow your dreams, to push yourself to achieve goals you have, life is fun, to always laugh out loud!! He taught me it is o.k. to hurt and your heart will heal and most of all, life does goes on after you have lost some one you love.
I had so many more conversations to have with you, so many words unspoken, so many laughs not laughed. I will forever remember the hours we would ride around in your car with the music up as loud as it could go and we would be singing at the top of our lungs, we would grab anything we could find in the car and that could be used a microphone. We just had fun being together. He was a big support in my life. I will always remember T.K. He is living inside my heart now. I am so blessed you were in my life, I cherish every memory I had with you. This world will not be the same with out you here. I love you. I will not say good-bye..... I will talk to you in the hours ahead.

Here is his Obituary.

Thomas Edward Kamb

Thomas Edward Kamb Resident of Richmond Thomas Edward Kamb passed away on Sunday, September 23, 2007, at Kaiser Hospital in Walnut Creek, CA. He was born in Martinez, CA on November 5, 1964. He attended Mira Vista and Sheldon Elementary Schools, Juan Crespi Junior High School and graduated from De Anza High School in 1983. He participated on the Tennis team and was active on the school Journalism staff. Tom loved music and while in Jr. and Sr. High School he performed as a DJ for groups in and out of school. During his early years as a member of the El Sobrante United Methodist Youth Group he participated in skits and was the drummer for the Joyful Noise Jazz Band. He also loved to sit at the organ at home and play by ear. He was always happy and upbeat with family and friends, being uncle to Kalene and Cameron were of particular joy to him. His health was always important with no bad habits, working hard and by staying physically fit. He did this by working our at Lakeridge Athletic Club playing racket ball, tennis, swimming, lifting weights and running on the treadmill. He lived by a code right is right and wrong is wrong. Tom lived over 36 of his 42 years in Richmond (El Sobrante). His last 6 years here in El Sobrante. He was Tom (Jack) of all trades with the following ventures: Richmond Police Canine Officer with Falko, Pinole Police Officer, Hercules Reserve Police Officer, KSFO Talk Radio, Denver, Colorado Talk Radio, KLIF 570 Talk Radio in Dallas, TX, Partner in a Subway at Hilltop, Owner of the Pizza Connection in El Sobrante, Loan Officer for Greater Bay Funding, and most recently as a Police Officer for the Solano Community College in Fairfield, CA. He loved this position where he could use all of his experience and talents in a combined effort to promote a positive and safe environment for the students, staff, visitors and faculty on the Solano Community College campuses. He had great pride in providing this service and was greatly appreciated by students, maintenance staff, cafeteria staff, library, book store, administrative staff, the faculty and his fellow officers. He graduated from, the Los Medanos Police Academy and Napa Community College Police Academy. He was a past member of the Pinole Rotary Service Club. His long term goal was to be Sheriff of Contra Costa County. He was interested in the political arena comprising West County and had been a candidate for West Contra Costa School District Board. Tom will be deeply missed by all who knew him and especially by mother and father, Ronald and Margaret Kamb of Richmond, brother, Dr. Carl Kamb of Los Angeles, sister and brother in law David and Nancy Sanders, niece Kalene Sanders, nephew Cameron Sanders of Lafayette. Relatives on his mothers side, uncle and aunt, Dick and Catherine Wynn of Napa, cousins Ed Wynn and Karen Wittington, aunt Joan Wynn of Winters, cousins Kathy, Debbie, Carol and Virginia. Relatives on fathers side, aunt, Beverly Bagwell of El Sobrante, cousins Tim Bagwell and Richard Bagwell, fathers uncle, Vern and Millie Lindner and aunt Erna Kamb. Many cousins and extended families will have great memories of Tom. A Celebration of Life will be held at the El Sobrante United Methodist Church, 670 Appian Way, El Sobrante, CA 94803 on Friday, September 28, 2007, at 5:00 p.m. In lieu of flowers donations in memory of Tom could be made to his favorite charities: Concern of Police Survivors - Gateway for Cancer Research - San Francisco Aids Foundation - And - Family will deliver some ashes to his favorite spots that were special and a joy to his life. The family appreciates all the prayers and special thoughts expressed by everyone. WE LOVE YOU TOM. Smith & Witter 510-758-5466
Published in the Contra Costa Times from 9/25/2007 - 9/27/2007