Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Girls Weekend

We had a blast up in the hills! We left Friday afternoon blasting some girly music the whole way up there! We stopped in Winter Park and had some dinner then proceeded to the condo. We went to the grocery store and stocked up on Ice Cream and popcorn and some other misc stuff. We hung out with out bras and ate ice cream, watched some episodes of "Sex in the City". We went for a midnight stroll in the mountains.

The next morning we got up early and made some eggs, hash browns and some bacon (turkey to be healthy) then we went on a hike to some beautiful waterfalls right beside Grand Lake.

After the hike we walked around town and stopped in some shops and had a great lunch! We went back to the condo hung out and planned to go to the natural hot springs. We could get a discount if we went after 8pm- so we planned to leave around 7. We stopped at another restaurant to grab some pizza, that took forever!! They closed at 10 so we grabbed the pizza to go and tried to make it there, but on the way it was pouring rain. We got there and they were closed. So we woke up Sunday and went to the Hot Springs, it was not as enjoyable during the heat of the day but we had fun! I smelt like Sulfur for the next 24 hours but it is supposed to be good for the skin and give you a younger look, ummm not to sure about that! Now back to normal, busy. normal, busy.

Friday, August 17, 2007

I'm off!

I am heading to the mountains (Granby) close to Winter Park for a weekend with the girls! All the boys are staying here for a boys weekend! Hope the hubby does okay! We plan on going to the hot springs and maybe getting a massage, shopping and going out to eat! Madison is sooooo excited! We were going to take Marley with us and Madison said he is not a girl. So he is not going. Not because of that though. I think it would be harder to bring him than to just have him stay home. He is doing great by the way!!!!! Love the pup!

I will update with pictures and details of the weekend when I get back! Hope you all have a great weekend!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Same Old Same Old!

Well so much for me being right back! I just have not had a lot go on that is worth all your time reading.

We did go camping last weekend. I rained the whole way up there and the right as we pulled into the campsite it stopped and never started again! Yeah. WE had a great time and just hung around the campfire. There was a stream right beside us, so that kept the kids entertained. Madison found a marble laying by some rocks in the stream so we went marble fishing- we caught 27 marbles!!! I guess that kinda took the place of fishing.

Tyson and Carson have been home with me all week. They had no daycare. I feel back I wanted to do something really special with the 2 boys this week and it never happened! I was busy with work and had several appointments this week. On top of it all Carson new saying is "I don't want to hear it anymore!" Wonder where he got that from. Them being 3 and 2 they are always telling on each other and fighting. Do not get me wrong they can play well together and when they do it's awesome, but I think they fight more than they play. Hopefully that is just for awhile! They both do not understand the joys of sharing yet.

Madison has been busy in school. She is busy with the reading and writing. She tells me it is work- and her hand gets tired from writing all the time. I am sure it is a lot different than Kindergarten! It is amazing to me the drama that goes on in first grade. She has a friend Hannah. One day they are best friends and the next they are not. Madison says Hannah has new best friends. One week she will go to Hannah's house and have a play date, the next day they are no longer best friends. And so on and so on. I have to hold myself back from being one of those mothers that wants to have a talk with Hannah's mom saying "tell your daughter not to be so mean!" I wont though.

Wendy and me went to a movie last night. About Jane. The movie was good. Kinda long. But the romance.... oh the romance... We concluded after the movie romance like that is only in the movies, and we need to get our fix by watching them! I really think I should have lived in the 1800's. I love that era and how simply complex life was back then. Not to mention how people had to fight for the rights and the love of their lives. ..

Now I am getting ready to go to Johns mom house and go swimming for awhile and then grab a bite to eat. It is supposed to be a hot one out there today, 94 degrees and out air conditioner went out on Friday. Yesterday it was a cool 85 degrees INSIDE our house. I am not a heart fan! I was down right miserable and almost weepy over the whole thing. I would have posted yesterday, but way to hot!

The picture on top was taken at the park on Friday. We had a BBQ and just hung around outside with my mom and Terry. Wendy and her kids came. Great way to end the week! Hope you are all doing well. I am sorry I have not checked into your blogs as often. I have been really busy with work and life! I will try to be better! Thanks for hanging in there!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

I'm Back!!!!

Hello! To think I have been to busy to drop in and leave a note and now that I am hear... what to write! I will start on last Thursday, Madison had a Teddy bear parade where her 1st grade class brought their favorite teddy bear and packed a sack lunch then went to the park and everyone introduced their favorite teddy and said why they were special to them. It was cute!
Puppy has been doing great! He is now just getting up once a night and I have taught him how to come, sit and lay down. I am trying to teach him fetch, I think that may take awhile. He is also doing so awesome on the leash!!!
Tyson is now done with his swimming lessons for the summer. He did great. I can not wait to see how he will be swimming in a year from now.
We went camping again last weekend and are heading up again this weekend. We have been having so much fun in our camper bus! That is for sure the best but of the year! We went fishing and Tyson caught his first fish! We brought them back to the the camp site and cooked them up in the fire- I have to say they tasted pretty good, and I do not like fish! Madison was grubbing down!! She was bummed that she did not catch any fish but she was having a lot of fun running back and forth putting the caught fish in the basket. We caught 7 in all. Well that is all that has been going on- I promise I will keep in touch soon again!