Sunday, March 30, 2008

Still for sale-

They house is still for sale! As of today we have had 86 showings, a lot of negative comments one low ball offer and 4 bottles of Windex and going strong! WE had so many comment about of front porch cracking and pulling away from the house we finally demolished the front porch and had new concrete laid. $2,000 later. So now they do not have that to bitch about that they are now starting in on other things! Does it ever stop? We are giving it until the 22nd of this month, then we are going to take it of the market. I think if this many people have seen the house and no offers? I am sick of not being able to live in my house. We had 9 showings this weekend and we were kicked out of the house all weekend. That always equals spending money some where. Then tonight after dinner Tyson decided to become an artist- NOT ON PAPER BUT ON THE WALL. SO tomorrow I am going to be painting the basement. I have attached some pictures for your viewing pleasure. Tyson tried to tell us that Carson did it, as you can clearly see it says TYSON. Not to smart on Tyson's part...... Just thought I would check in, I have been busy cleaning and just trying to keep up! Please all bear with me.....

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Going once Going twice???????????

Bet you all thought I have dropped off the face of the earth! Well I kind of have. We have put our home up for sale and it has been crazy! It has been 8 days now and we have had 34 showings and not an offer yet. It is so hard to keep the house clean with 3 kids a dog and a husband. We keep waiting for the phone call saying we have an offer. Every time the phone rings I think this is the call. But I am once again learning the story of PATIENCE! Between the the kids, the house and just plain life. I will keep you all posted once the house sells. I have so many pictures to post. I will try to find a moment and get you all updated. Hope this finds everyone well!!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

New Mexico!!

Well I am her in cold and windy New Mexico. I had to enroll a group down here for health benefits. Right now I am in the middle of the day in the middle of the enrollment and we are not busy! I was here this morning at 7:15am for the meeting to begin. I flew in last night to Alb. My brother and his wife live down here. I was thinking of taking all the kids and the hubby down here with me, but then the hubby could not get off work. I did not want to drive all the way here by myself and the kids so I ended up flying by myself. It feels kind of strange not to have some one hanging off one of my extremities!! Although I do miss my family. I will have to come back tomorrow and finish the enrollment. I then fly back on Sunday early evening.

My brother wants to do some thing fun tonight. I am ready to go back to their house and go to sleep!! I did not sleep a wink last night. I hope I sleep good tonight. Just thought I would check in. Sorry for the boring post!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Already 2008

I can not believe how fast 2007 went. It just seems like we celebrated New Years 2007 and now it is 2008! I used to roll my eyes when my parents said "time flies as you get older" I guess I am older. It seems like it was just the 80's ! Amazing how fast your life does fly by, things change, you grow up and older. Or I should say you get older and try not to grown up just become more responsible. It has been a good year for our family. We are blessed to be surrounded by most of our immediate family. The kids have been very healthy. As last year came to an end we have had several member of our immediate family and close friends who have been diagnosed with some health issues. We are praying this year continues to be a good year of health for everyone. My sister moves this year so I am sure that that will be a challenging time of the year. I will miss her dearly. I am really glad we both will have free long distance- I am sure our phone companies wil be HATING us.

Christmas was wonderful! It is very busy of course. On the 22nd we hosted a "white elephant"
or a "dirty Santa" party. We had 60 plus of our closest friends and some family. We did a gift exchange between 46 people. WOW that was interesting. We had a blast!!!! Then Christmas eve morning we went to my moms house for brunch, then at 2 pm we hosted another get together with Johns mom (it is her birthday and we get together every Christmas eve night) It was funny as cars started to pull up my neighbor called and asked if "we was crazy and going for round two".
Christmas morning we opened presents at our home with the kids, they got to play for a little bit while John and I shoveled. We finally got a white Christmas!!! I was so excited we wake up and see it snowing! We got about a foot of snow, It was a winter wonder land.Then we packed them up and went to Johns dads house. We were there for a little while and then loaded up the sleigh and went to my sister Wendy's house. We were there till about midnight. Santa always visits Wendy's house on Christmas, the kids are floored that he knows where they are, what they got and what they wanted. It is great. ( My dad is Santa every year) I hope the kids get a few more years out of it before they catch on that it is him. My grandfather used to do that for us when we were little and I think my dad wants to carry on the tradition and see the looks on the kids faces the same as his father once saw. His dad passed away 2 years ago.
The has not been to much new to report in 2008. The kids are back at school and preschool John and I are back to work. The schedule is back to normal and we are up and running. I am glad to have things back to normal, but a part of me is always sad to see the holidays come to an end.

I will leave you with this cute story. Madison had been into Webkinz. She had got a few for Christmas and with some of her Christams money she purchased more. She realized she had no more money and wnated to get more so she gathered some of her old stiffed animals and went to the back yard with a sign she made it read "10$" she was trying to sell her old stuffed animals to passer byers to try to get more money for a new webkinz. She would ask people as they walked by"do you have any money?" Most people jogging or walking the green belt did not carry money. Sorry to day say she had no luck. Here are some pics of her and her new store. It makes me giggle to think I have a 6 years old business girl. I am back sorry I have been gone for so long! As you can tell it was a crazy and fun holiday season!